DKK 708,20 (DKK 703,61 ved betaling med Dankort / VISA-Dankort)

Gastronomisk Trilogi # 3 Villa Spinosa - Negrar, Valpolicella - Verona

12.07.2016 kl. 18:30 Gastro & Vino, Aarhus C
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DKK 708,20 (DKK 703,61 ved betaling med Dankort / VISA-Dankort)

A unique meeting of two very different food cultures. The Veronese classic gastronomy and the modern danish/nordic. The menu will be a mix of inspiration from the food from the Valpolicella area and the new nordic kitchen. The menu will be followed by the excellent wines from Villa Spinosa wine estate.

The dinner is arranged in a friendly coopreration between Camillo’s Paladar based in Berlin and Gastro & Vino from Aarhus, Denmark, and we have together set the menu – and are very much looking forward to this meeting and experiment. With only 25 guest in the Tinaia at Villa Spinosa, this will be a night to remember. From the large garden at Villa Spinosa you have the most wonderful view over the Valpolicella Classico valley and the city of Verona. The wine estate is a magic spot in the middle of the wineyards. The cellar has over the last couple of years been undergoing a total renovation and is now a masterpiece. It’s the home of long time aging Valpolicella and Amarone wines. The oldest is more than 15 years of aging. As a part of the venue we will the day after the dinner invite you to a small gastronomic tour to a unique producer of risotto rice, and we will have a lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants in the Valpolicella hills. In the afternoon we will go to Verona for an afternoon glass of good local wine. (This part is not included in the price of the dinner at Villa Spinosa) Azienda Agricola Villa Spinosa di Enrico Cascella Spinosa Via Jago Dall'Ora, 14 - 37024 Negrar in Valpolicella (Verona) Tuesday 12 of july - 2016 at. 8 PM - 10.30 PM

Entre & aperitivo - A small antipasti in the park with the beautiful views of the Valpolicella wineyards and Verona Gastronomic meeting:

Italy - Denmark Potato, Danish ryebread, butter, wild garlic (rams) mayo

Veal brisket with ricotta, spinach and garlic

Spumante Brut - Pasini(Lombardia)

The Menu

Grilled lake fish (trout or bras) - possibly smoked (nordic tradition) with salad of fennel, rhubarb, fresh herbs and citrus mayo

2014 Valpolicella Classico

Risotto alla Erbe - Risotto with lots of herbs - (Enoteca Della Valpolicella)

2012 "Figari" Valpolicella Classico Superiore DOC

Marinated neck of pork with radichio, pickled onions and balsamic marinated San Marziano tomatoes

2012 “Jago” Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore DOC

Lamb, cherries, figs, grilled vegetables and polenta - Amarone sauce (Alda Rosa)

2008 Etichetta Avorio Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOC

Dessert Danish strawberries and rhubarb with cream and elderflower sorbet - 2011 Francesca Finato Spinosa Reciotto (sweet red)